Thank you for making us your

"Best Natural/Alternative Medicine Clinic of Portland 2018"

~Willamette Week

  • Did you know Reiki strengthens the immune system for protection against illness? In direct response to the current pandemic, for every Distance Session purchased, we will gift a Distance Session to someone in need.  Those currently on my list are front-line workers, doctors, and nurses.  If you are a front-line worker, doctor, or nurse and would like a free distance session, please email me.  I understand many of us have lost their income.  If you need a sliding scale, or would like to be added to my list of Pro Bono Clients, please email me.  If you are fortunate to still have an income, I ask that you pay it forward.  You may also directly purchase a session for someone in need (a friend or family member, or one of my Pro Bono clients).  I am accepting payment via Venmo (@Julie-Svoboda) or PayPal.  You may book your Distance Session here & read about how the process works here.
  • The Reiki Says Relax Online Store is now open!  Get your Reiki-Infused products for protection against COVID-19.  For every purchase made, a Hand Sanitizer or Thieve's Oil will be donated to a homeless person in need during this crisis.



 Feeling isolated in self-quarantine?  Sometimes we just need to speak to someone who can hold space for us.  We are now offering Distance Spiritual Coaching on a sliding scale.  Don't let depression take hold, reach out today. 


I went and had treatment with Julie and it was AMAZING! I could not believe the profound effect just one treatment had and I cannot wait to see her again! I highly recommend giving reiki a try. You will not be disappointed!

~Betsy P.


What is Reiki?

Reiki (RAY-key) is a Japanese form of Energy Healing for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


What are the Benefits of Reiki?

The Reiki energy works to treat/prevent illness and to:

  • Dissolve physical pain
  • Quiet negative/racing thoughts
  • Imbue your heart with unconditional love
  • Help you feel connected and elevated for days
  • Transform major life obstacles
  • Empower you to achieve goals
  • Let go of limiting/disempowering beliefs


How Reiki Treats Illness

90% of all illness is caused by stress.  Stress compromises the immune system.  Reiki reduces stress and strengthens the immune system by inducing a parasympathetic nervous system response, while soothing physical pain and restoring balance to the body.

Energy creates matter.  When your energy (i.e. electromagnetic field) is misaligned, the matter that condenses within that field will be too, resulting in illness.  Reiki corrects misalignment in your electromagnetic field, creating a positive healing effect for any condition.