Feb. 5, 2019

What a perfect day to take it easy, and take care of you...

When we spread ourselves so thin taking care of everything & everyone else, we often don't have anything left in our cup.  Well, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to remind yourself what a badass you are, and to do something special for you!
Here are some things you can do for YOU this Valentine's Day:
1). Take a stroll through nature - Whether it be at your favorite park, or hiking your favorite trail, or spending time watching the waves roll in, feeling that cool ocean breeze... go outside, commune with the beauty of nature, and re-connect.
2). Take a bath -  Epsom salt or bubble bath, whichever you prefer.  I suggest adding some lavendar or ylang-ylang essential oil for extra relaxation.  Feel free to light some candles and play some soft music for the complete experience.
3). Have a Reiki treatment - Start your self-care day off right with a Reiki session to release all the tension and stuck energy that's been weighing you down mentally & physically.  Feeling that yuckiness replaced with renewed energy, you can enjoy this day from a peaceful center, and feel stress-free for days!
4). Take yourself out to dinner - You deserve a nice meal, so why not take yourself on a date?  You'd be surprised how good it feels to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy day, settle in to a comfy booth, and enjoy a delicious meal at your own pace, in peace.
5). Take yourself to the theater - When was the last time you had a good laugh, or was engrossed in a good drama, went to the opera, or the symphony?  Positive entertainment can lift your spirits and help you to unwind.  If it's been too long since you did any of these activities, then it's long overdue, and you deserve the break!
6). Be around animals - Whether you hit up a vegan petting zoo, or the humane society, by allowing your energy field to commune with animals, you will instantly raise your vibration and reduce your stress.  In fact, you may not have realized how much you were scowling until that facial tension melts into a smile as you behold the pure light and joy of animals!
7). Take a nap - That's right, you have permission to lay down and snooze!  There's something so luxurious about taking a nap; to decide you deserve a temporary reprieve in your day, and doing it.  Hold your calls, everyone!  You've got some important nap work to do!
Whatever you do this Valentine's Day, be sure to take some time for yourself & relax! Heart
Jan. 6, 2019

The energy of 2019 is on course to be a culmination of all our hard work in 2018.  All the seeds we lovingly planted last year will sprout above the soil, like little saplings reaching out for the sun, each day getting stronger, solidifying its purpose of being here.  This year, you will shine, you will feel confident and steadfast in your motivation to achieve your goals.  It happens now, because it is time.

You have worked so hard, sacrificed so much of yourself.  Allow yourself to take a moment, to turn around and see how far you've traveled, and feel proud.  I bet you didn't even realize you've come so far!  
It was a pretty rough 2018 for many.  Countless folks found themselves in situations where they were losing everything.  Things that felt so permanent (partners, jobs, possessions) were falling away, crumbling into dust, and disappearing into the wind.  Maybe you felt like you lost it all.  In reality, the opposite couldn't be more true.  You were given the strongest version of yourself.  Because you're here.  You made it.  2018 didn't kill you, and neither will 2019.  Failure is not your path.
You are here, alive on this planet, in this moment, for a very real and specific purpose.  You did not incarnate here to suffer, no one did.  Our collective reason for existing is not to cause war, murder, famine, rape, bigotry, etc.  That's not our true nature.  Harmony, cooperation, understanding, love... these are innately within us.  It is time to return to our true nature, and write the story we desire to live.
2019 is a pathway leading us to our highest potential.  We all have gifts for this world, and the world would not be what it is without you...  Let that sink in... This world is a better place simply because you exist in it.  No one can do what you do, think what you do, say what you do, believe what you do, like you.  You are unique, talented, and wonderful.  There will NEVER be another you.  Ever.  
So why not embrace all you are and have to offer the world?  This is the year to allow the light of your authentic self to shine through.  Allow the pain from every year prior to melt away.  Breathe it out.  It no longer serves you.  Allow yourself to feel excitement about what you KNOW you can bring to this world:  You.
So shine, sweetheart!  Don't deny the world the light that is you!  Step into 2019 with confidence.  Listen to that greater part of yourself that KNOWS you got this!!  Because you do.  And remember... the challenges we face exist to develop us, to push us to our greatest potential, not to tear us down.  You will NEVER face a challenge you cannot overcome.  Otherwise, you wouldn't experience it in the first place!
Smile at the humor in it all, and know All is Well in your world.  Then, get ready for the Best Year Yet!! Big Grin
Dec. 5, 2018

If you're reading this blog, there's a good chance you've heard of the Law of Attraction.  There's a lot to be said on that topic, so we won't delve too deeply, just enough for the purpose of this post.

In a nutshell, what you put out in the world in terms of energy is returned to you, multiplied.  Like attracts like, and what you put out, you get in return.  We are such awesome powerhouses, that we have the ability to attract things based on our vibration (i.e. thoughts/emotions).  If we are stuck in a state of fear, we will attract things to be fearful about.  If we emanate love and gratitude, we receive more things to be grateful for.
Whatever it is you'd like to manifest (money, health, peace, time, etc.), you will keep these things away by holding the perspective of: "Oh man, I wish I had that, I never get what I want, etc.".  All that does is affirm what you do not have and adds to your resistance versus your receptivity.  Rather, you give gratitude for already having the thing you desire, despite not having it yet.  This is where it gets challenging for many people.  They may feel disingenuous giving thanks for something they do not have, instead they focus on their lack because that is their physical reality.  Unfortunately, this perspective only keeps abundance further away.
"Okay, so what do I do?"
You feel the somatic feeling in your body of how great it would be to have (fill in the blank) in your life.  Think about your rent being paid next month, or your car being repaired, or the means to pay off your debt, or even that shiny new ring you've been eyeing.  Start saying "Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you" for this item.  REALLY feel the relief in your body, knowing it is yours.  How would it feel knowing you can live another month, knowing you can commute to work safely, knowing this looming shadow of debt has dissolved, or the feeling of beauty and contentment for owning this ring you always wanted?  
And when I say you have to feel it... I mean like... fall to your knees, and throw your arms up to the universe in gratitude.  Let the tears stream down your face in gratitude for what you have.  The energy of intention and emotion alchemizes the quantum soup that surrounds you, physically altering your external reality, attracting what you desire to you.
Don't take my word for it - try it!  Only good can come from it.  And it just feels GOOD to do!  Plus, after all the worrying about scarcity you've been doing, don't you deserve a break, and to feel relief for a change?  Yes, yes you do.
For more information on using your mind in powerful ways to better your life, check out the writings of Dawson Church, Joe Dispenza, or Gregg Braden.
May you manifest miracles with your Gratitude! Heart
Nov. 17, 2018

I don't normally talk about this here.... but I just have to share All this Cool Stuff!:


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Nov. 8, 2018

(Stay tuned for Part Two - How to Manifest with Gratitude)

Do you increasingly feel like things aren't right in the world?  Perhaps it's getting harder to get up each day?  Do you feel anxious, not your best, or overwhelmed by external energies?  Do you sometimes wish to hide from the world?  If so, you're in good company, as the majority of us (especially highly-sensitive people) are feeling that fear...
But wait!  There's good news, everyone!
I'm going to share the simplest, QUICKEST way to move your energy out of fear.... it almost seems too easy, but trust me, it works!
Using myself as an example, I wake up each morning in a state of fear and panic.  My PTSD is triggered upon the realization I'm out of the astral realm and back in the density.  I've never not woken up in fear.  It's a terrible way to start the day.  I do not recommend it.  But if you're like me, I'm going to share a technique I've found to be a lifeline:  an Attitude of Gratitude.
Here's what to do:
Upon awakening, and your heart begins to race, I want you to immediately  think "Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you", repeatedly, for at least a minute.  Keep mentally vibrating "Thank you".  You'll start to notice your body relaxing.  You'll start to notice your heart rate slowing.  You'll being to feel a soothing warmth in the body. 
Once your body starts to calm down, you can be more specific/creative.  Ones I like to say are:  "Thank you, bed, for being so comfy", "Thank you, home, for keeping me warm and safe", "Thank you today, for all the wonderful things coming my way".
From this calm, clear space you can begin your morning affirmations, meditations, and/or mirror work.  From this space, you can decide how you want to be today, what face you want to show the world, how you want to act, and how you want people to receive you.  You'll soon realize that ultimately YOU get to decide how your day goes, especially when you make time for yourself in the morning to set your vibration, and mitigating morning panic is the first step!
Practice an Attitude of Gratitude ANY time you feel fear.  Whether it be waking up, public speaking, paying your bills, performing, walking through a rough neighborhood, etc.  Identify something in your field of vision to appreciate (such as a beautiful flower), or simply think "Thank you".  You'll be amazed at how quickly your body calms down!  Gratitude is the Highway to Love, and love is the highest vibration of all.  Not even fear can stand in its way. Heart