Oct. 3, 2019

It seems like every day that goes by, this world gets weirder.  Ever feel like you're waking up in a bad movie? 

I see so many of you who come to me in a state of fear.  What I tell you, I'd like to share with everyone...
You might've heard the acronym:  F-False  E-Evidence  A-Appearing  R-Real.  First off, fear is a byproduct of your thoughts.  Take a deep breath.  That's a relief, because you can change your thoughts.  No one is the thinker of your thoughts but you, and you control your internal state.  Breathe and relax.  Life isn't happening to you, it is responding to you, and you are in the driver's seat.
With regard to the state of the world, it's important to note that in this 3rd dimensional reality, we have duality and polarity.  Life ebbs and flows.  Tides come in and out.  Pendulums swing back and forth.  That's the natural order.  Things can't always be good, or always be bad.  It's all balance, and both are equally important and necessary.
As the veil is pulled back and the ugly truth is exposed, it may feel like the reality you grew up with is crashing down around you.  Many in this world are going through an awakening process where you might see the world through a new lens for the first time, and feel distressed about it.  That's actually a good thing!  It means you're waking up out of the trance of programming to see how things aren't as they seem, and you have more power than you realize.  We've given our power away for thousands of years, and when you wake up your own inherent power and grace, that's when you become an alchemist in co-creation with the Universe.
Remember that you are safe, always.  Nothing is separate from you, because you are everything.  Nothing is bigger than you, because are you everything.  Nothing can truly hurt you, because you are everything.  Understand that it's all a process, and things are being worked out in real-time.  Breathe deep and know that everything you experience is for your benefit.  Our life here serves to teach us and challenge us, because we evolve from those challenges.  We level up in this matrix, always reaching new heights, seeing new perspectives.
Know that as bleak as it feels now, it's the necessary pre-requisite for change.  To the degree that the pendulum swings in one direction, it always swings in the other.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  The key is awareness of the process and trusting that it will work out as it should.  So take a deep breath, and let it happen.  Dance with life through your stages of evolution, and remember why you're here...  To experience, to love, to shine your light.  Know all is truly well in your world, and when it's still hard to remember, simply repeat:  
All is well.  All is well.  Everything is working out to my highest good.  Out of this situation, only good will come, and I am safe.  ❤
Sep. 1, 2019

We get caught up in our busy lives, in a busy world, constantly going and doing.  We have rent to pay, medical bills, and we may have little ones that depend on us.  It's easy to get swept up in the frenzy of just trying to survive in this world.  It's easy to forget what really matters... not that keeping a roof over your head doesn't matter, of course...

This summer I was gifting Reiki sessions to a lady in my building.  Her cancer was terminal, and she was too tired to keep fighting.  We knew she wouldn't be with us much longer.  Our weekly sessions became twice weekly, then every other day.  My intention was to do what I could to bring her peace.
I arrived for what ended up being our last Reiki session only minutes after she made her transition.  I knew as soon as her daughter opened the door, in tears.  I immediately went to her body and gently placed my hands on her.  The Reiki continued to flow to her, through her vessel, for hours afterward.  It was an honor to be with her at the end of her life and support her journey home.
In the following weeks, I walked around in a daze.  Everything I had been so stressed about in the prior months didn't seem to matter anymore.  Relational issues, financial issues, none of that mattered.  I realized all the bickering, all the squabbling, all the distractions that we dance with everyday... none of it truly matters.
The only thing that truly matters was the light in her eyes.  Which is the light in your eyes, and the light in my eyes.  This light that animates us, that is in everything, that IS everything... this light is life.  Life is so fragile, so thin, so precious; we can easily leave this earth at any moment.  We close our eyes, exhale, and we are gone.  Just like that.
I realized I could no longer wait to say what's in my heart.  I started telling everyone how much I loved them...  Thus, my request to you:  Please, do not feel sheepish or wait for the right time to speak from your heart.  Life is too short.  It only takes a moment to breathe your last breath.  Please, do not wait to tell a loved one that you love them...
...and do not wait to shine in all your glory.  Please realize the gift you are, and why you're here.  Do not hold back your light.  You came here to shine, my dear, so shine your light as only you can.  Please know you are here to bring your unique gifts into this world, to love, and to heal; not to be stressed, fearful, or angry. 
Take a deep breath and feel gratitude for waking up today.  Feel excitement about how you will change the world today.  Love with all your heart, and never deny the world the light that is you. ❤
Jul. 13, 2019

I feel guided to share this experience...

Coming home from an event, I got off the max in my downtown neighborhood when I noticed a crowd of people standing around something.  When I got closer, I realized it was a bloodied, slumped over, non-responsive man.  Without thinking, I put my things down and knelt down beside him.  I noticed how much blood there was, and he didn't look like he was breathing...  

The ambulance was on its way, but knew I needed to do something. Time is critical when the body is in shock and shutting down after trauma. 

I placed my hand on his cheek and held up his face, "Sweetheart, are you okay?", he wasn't responding or breathing.  I placed my other hand over his heart.  The Reiki flowed quickly and strongly. 

Within a few moments, he gasped, took a deep breath in, opened his eyes, and mumbled an apology through an outpour of emotions.  "You're okay, sweetheart, you didn't do anything wrong.  You're safe now." 

I helped him sit up, held up his head, and asked him to look at my eyes and tell me what color they were.  I understood the need to keep him conscious and talking, having had a brain injury myself.  By then, the paramedics arrived and asked me to step aside.  I stayed with him and continued to flow Reiki at a distance while they talked to him.

One of the police officers leaned over to me and commented on how amazing it was that he was standing and talking when he was unresponsive on the ground only a few minutes prior... I agreed, it was amazing.

I look forward to the day when Reiki is known and understood by all. When it is recognized for being the powerful healing force that it is.  

My intention is for EVERYONE to know that they can do this too.  Can you imagine living in a world where we cared enough about one another where the natural instinct was to help & heal?

That can be today. ❤



Jul. 11, 2019
You know what?  It's all working out.  Everything is working out to your highest good, always.  Every day in every way.  I know it doesn't always feel like that.  Especially when all the tangibles point to the contrary.  Even then, it's still really good.  
When things do go sideways, it's just life giving you an opportunity to test your skills on how well you can right your ship, and you always can, otherwise you wouldn't experience turbulent waters in the first place.
Life is a series of lessons, and sometimes we don't understand what we're being taught... sometimes patience is needed to see the bigger picture...
Sometimes the things worth waiting for take longer to cultivate.
Once seeds are planted, you don't immediately dig them up and yell "Are you growing yet?" at the dirt, because that's silly, and obviously not how life works.  The saplings will sprout organically, in due time... let nature take its course, everything will work out.  Trust in the process, in the natural order of life, have faith in those seeds, and know you don't have to worry.  Do your good work, always come from the heart in all your actions, and just relax.
We drive ourselves crazy trying to manifest things and control outcomes.  That's not natural.  Life is supposed to be easy, fun, and feel good.  It only gets hard when we make it hard.  We are limited only by our thoughts, and we tend to be our own biggest obstacle.
Attaining a peaceful state and trusting things are unfolding as they should, even when life gives you every reason to doubt that, takes mastery.  Finding ways to relax your mind and body, like through a reiki session, will be a necessary first step to calm yourself and invite in patience.  
When we open ourselves to enjoy every nugget along the way, instead of waiting for that prize down the road to make us happy, we will be giving ourselves a much needed break.  Know your dreams are being realized, and you can just relax.  Take it easy, stop to smell the roses, breathe deep, do good work from the heart, and know you don't have to go anywhere... because you're already there! 🙂
Jun. 5, 2019
One thing Reiki does is reduce stress.  When you are without stress, you are at peace, and I feel strongly when you bring peace to someone's life, you can bring peace into this world...  However, stress reduction is not a luxury, or a superfluous act, reserved only for those with time or money.  It is a necessity.  Why?  Because stress makes us sick; accounting for 90% of all illness.  Here's how:
We are made of trillions of cells, and our bodies act the same as an individual cell.  When you place cells in a petri dish with nutrients, the cells open up, moving toward the positive growth signal emanating from the nutrients.  When you place cells in a petri dish with toxins, the cells close off and move away from the threatening, negative signal.  Cells cannot be open and closed at the same time.  In other words, cells can either be in growth-mode or protection-mode.
Our bodies are the same. 
When we perceive a threat (or a stressor), the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) Axis is stimulated.  When the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that interprets perception) sees stress, it wants to tell the whole body "something's going on", so it sends the signal to the pituitary gland (i.e. "the master gland"), which sends signals to the adrenal glands causing a "Fight or Flight" reaction (i.e. sympathetic nervous system response) by releasing stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol.  
Stress does 3 important things to us:
The first thing stress hormones do is cause the blood to go to the arms and legs (preparing to run or fight).  If the blood is going to the arms and legs, where was it before?  In the viscera (your gut).  What is the function of the viscera?  Growth, health, and maintenance.  So when the blood leaves the viscera, because stress hormones squeezed the blood vessels in the gut closed, protection-mode is enabled, and growth is shut off.  Growth is imperative to our health, given our cells are dying every day and need to be replaced (for example, the lining of your gut is replaced every 3 days).  So when daily stress floods your body with adrenaline and cortisol, it inhibits your ability to replace cells at a normal rate, causing you to get sick.
Another fun thing stress does... when you're in "Fight or Flight", the stress hormones shut off functions not needed in "Fight or Flight" - your body's immune system.  When a tiger is chasing you, your body is directing its energy to not being eaten vs. a bacterial infection you may have.  Now, the important thing to note here is... when you get sick, you don't "catch" something, the gross truth is you already have a plethora of bacteria, germs, parasites, viruses, etc. in your body right now.  The only reason you're not sick is because your immune system is strong.  Turn off the immune system due to stress, and you can no longer fight off these toxins (i.e. "opportunistic organisms").
The third thing stress does... it dumbs us down.  When we're in "Fight or Flight", we do not use conscious reasoning, we use reflex behavior.  Aside from adrenaline & cortisol squeezing the blood vessels in the gut, causing the blood to go to the periphery, when these stress hormones are released into the body, they also squeeze the blood vessels in the prefrontal cortex (which regulates complex cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning - i.e. consciousness), pushing the blood to the back of the brain for reflex behavior.  When you're under stress, you're less intelligent.
In summation, stress not only inhibits cell growth, it reduces immune function, and makes you less intelligent.  Given the above examples, it would be hard to argue that stress reduction is a luxury.  Rather, it's your armor to keep you healthy, strong, and functioning in today's stressful world.
It is important to note that according to a research study at Hartford Hospital (in Hartford, CT), Reiki reduced stress in patients by 94%.  Therefore, Reiki prevents illness by reducing your stress.