Jul. 6, 2020
Mother Earth is a living thing. 
You might have heard one say humanity is a cancer to the Earth. 
We certainly are parasitic...
It dawned on me.... Given that we are all One, meaning the Life Energy within us is the same in all living things (so we are inseparable from each other & Mother Earth), when we destroy each other AND the Earth, does that make humanity equivalent to an auto-immune disease?  Since we are only attacking ourselves?
Jun. 14, 2020

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Jun. 13, 2020

Cause why not?  It's Saturday. 

I pulled some Tarot cards for the collective (i.e. you, fine reader) for your Past, Present, and Future.  So let's dive in...
PastThe Tower Card - Ah, The Tower.  It's not all bad.  Sometimes the Tower needs to crumble to be rebuilt brick by brick.  When we're on the wrong path, things may blow up in our face as a means to course correct.  Please know that though you suffered a traumatic setback, it's not as bad as you think.  Part of the trauma may have been the shock itself.  Whatever you do, don't react to the situation.  Do not enter a state of resistance, just allow Life to flow.  When fate strikes out of nowhere, it's usually followed by a golden opportunity.  
PresentThe Hanged Man Card - This card depicts a man hanging from a tree branch by his ankle.  This card signifies surrender.  When we fight harder, we only succeed in working ourselves into knots.  Suspend the urge to struggle.  Stillness & inaction will give you a breather, and the space to gain clarity for a better solution.  Being at a crossroads might feel paralyzing, but if you surrender to the way things are, a solution will come at the perfect time. 
FutureThe Empress Card - The Empress card is an icon for new creations; it could mean the birth of a new opportunity or idea.  She indicates we are in line to receive the fruits of our labor.  The Empress embodies Divine Feminine energy and reminds us to nurture and protect those who are helpless or in need of protection and support.  The Empress is a role model, caregiver, guardian, and ruler.  She beckons us to embrace the role of protecting the sanctity of life in this world.  
Bottom of the Deck/BonusThe Sun Card - You're getting a new lease on life!  Expect new beginnings and rejuvenation.  Set your sights high because your future is bright & promising!  Issues that held you back in the past are now cleared, and you have the energy to move forward with your goals.  This is the happiest & most positive card in the deck, so its presence in this reading suggests joy, healing, and good vibes!  
Wow, those were ALL Major Arcana too, so very powerful energy in this reading.  This mirrors what we're all going through right now...  We had our Tower moment a few months ago when life was drastically altered on a global scale.  Now, we're in a state of suspended animation as we go within and reflect on what truly matters.  Soon enough, we will have a new beginning and come into our power by recognizing and valuing the sanctity of Life.  As a result of our collective evolution, we will step back out into the sunlight & have reason to celebrate!  Rest assured, things are working out in Divine Timing, so know all is truly well & don't give up! ❤️
May. 23, 2020
Is there a secret to happiness?  I can tell you if you're searching for it externally, you'll never find it.  Material objects will bring you a fleeting sense of happiness, but true fulfillment comes from within. 
There's no magic pill in this world, just a mindset.  Loving kindness, releasing resistance, unconditional acceptance, and going with the flow are keys to unlocking this mystery.
There are practical steps too.  No one can tell you what's best for you, only you know that.  However, if you follow these 4 steps, life will feel easier, more like the gift that it is, rather than something to struggle against.
1). Honor Yourself:  Because we are all One, when you honor and respect the Divinity Within, you are not only honoring and respecting others, but all Life on Earth.  What happens to you, happens to me.  Love yourself, and your love for others will come naturally.
2). Do Good Work:  We have 2 choices in life.  Every thought, word, action we make is based in either Love or Fear.  When we live from our heart and ask "How May I Serve?", life begins to flow us in the direction of our highest good.  We no longer struggle upstream or have to control or manipulate outcomes.  When we respect Life and cherish each other, it all just flows, without even trying.
3). Forgive the Past:  Your experiences molded you into the person you are, but they do not define you.  Forgiving someone is not approval of what they did.  Rather, you forgive so you can release the burden you've been carrying for years, because you deserve to be free of that heaviness.  You forgive yourself for how you continued to abuse yourself long after they left the picture.
4). See the Beauty Everywhere:  There are no words to describe the beauty of this Earth, of nature, of our true essence.  Western sunsets, birds singing, the gentle sounds of leaves rustling in the wind... we are blessed to be alive, with our Mother Gaia.  There is so much beauty in this world, yet we don't stop long enough to breathe deep and appreciate the gentle life force that flows in and around everything.  When we feel gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us, life slows down, we become present, and realize how truly lucky we are to be alive. ❤️
May. 22, 2020

1). Fear is an illusion we create with our mind. 

2). Only Love is real.
3). Our pain is a result of Disconnection from Self.
4). Remembering our powerful, true nature will dissolve any obstacle.
5). The time has come to Take Our Power Back.
6). We were always perfect & never lost our worth, just survivors of damaged people.
7). We create our reality & health with our thoughts.
8). Humanity's future is directly influenced by how we treat children today.
9). Gender Roles have programmed/conditioned us to abuse ourselves & each other.
10). Childhood Trauma has programmed/conditioned us to abuse ourselves & each other.
11). The way we treat each other is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves.
12). Stress leads to illness & we can take charge of our health by correcting our thinking of stressful thoughts.
13).  Know how powerful your mind is.