I could not recommend Julie enough. After a cancer diagnosis, I was looking to add other types of healing into my wellness program, and thought that Reiki would be a great place to start.  I am very happy that I did because Julie has been incredible to work with.  I leave my sessions feeling positive, happy, and relaxed- all with lasting effects.  Faced with something that can really drag me down, it has been a blessing to find someone who can help lift me back up.


Julie is a credit to the Reiki profession! She is extremely kind and knowledgeable. Her wisdom and positive energy surrounds you the minute you meet her. I felt completely at ease with her and during my session I felt better and more relaxed than I had in ages. I highly recommend Julie and would give Reiki says Relax rating a 10+!.

~Theresa O.

Reiki Says Relax...words cannot describe what a great experience this has been. I feel so much better, so at peace with myself, and the world. I now know that I have worth and am confident that good opportunities will be at my door. Negative energy had always found me and attached to me, I am above that now. Julie's is so awesome, professional, friendly, I feel safe when she is at work. I am very happy I got past my reservations and tried Reiki, even happier I found Reiki Says Relax. Thanks Julie your awesome most.

~Keith V.

I sought help from Julie to help me cope with chronic, debilitating and unmanageable nerve pain... primarily. What I found is that after multiple treatments, Reiki was also helping me cope with insomnia, menopause and autoimmune disease! Julie also gave me an attunement so that I can perform self-Reiki, and my daily practice has been able to help me beyond prayers and comprehension. It is true that Reiki can provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. For me, Reiki has been life-changing, and Julie is a perfect conduit for this healing energy! If you are thinking of trying Reiki, gift yourself with a session at Reiki Says Relax to see where it and Julie will take you!

~Michelle L.

Reiki Says Relax is a great place to take care of yourself! Julie has great positive energy and vibes! Her Reiki is powerful and worth the adventure into self healing! My first session was an hour and after I left I had total strangers telling me they could feel my positive vibe! I found this amazing and I have been feeling better! Julie really cares and also has helped my Dad with an emergency long distance Reiki during his surgery and he is 78 years old! He had a very successful surgery! Thanks Julie you are Awesome!

~Mark M.

I'll admit that I was initially skeptical of Reiki, until I experienced a session with Julie. She is an incredibly gifted Reiki healer... you can honestly feel it when she walks into a room. After leaving a session, you will feel heard and seen as an individual, lighter and more grounded and full of energy. I carry a lot of painful tension in my neck and shoulders, and it is completely at ease after even a 30 minute session at Reiki Says Relax. When I was going each week, I felt at my most relaxed & energized. After a long week, I know one of the best ways I can take care of myself is to be in Julie's presence and receive Reiki from her. She works to continuously grow as a healer, and hone her skills. She takes her role seriously, and is incredibly professional, but also warm & approachable. I cannot recommend Julie enough! If you are considering trying reiki for the first time, or have been receiving Reiki for years, she is simply THE best person you can go to.

~Kaylynne G.

Julie is doing beautiful work. It was my first time trying reiki. I am feeling so full of joy after the session!

~Heather M.

Julie has a beautiful, loving and life-enhancing energy!  My distance session with her soothed my body and my soul.  I saw some significant changes in the rash that I'm dealing with and felt the release of some very heavy energy that needed to be moved out.  I felt much lighter after she worked on me.  I highly recommend Julie!  Anyone that can have a session from her will find it very beneficial and moving!

~Gina C. 

3 days since my first visit & I still am noticing the positive effects. Not as agitated at work, more relaxed, better outlook, deeper sleep. Looking forward to my future visits. Julie has an exceptional gift!

~Steven F.

Julie is so amazing!! If I could give her 6 stars, I would! If you haven't done Reiki before, Julie is perfect for your first visit! She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed during the entire session. She has amazing energy and you will feel like a different person when you leave. I felt so relaxed, happy and at peace when I left her studio. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to have the best experience possible. I can't wait to go back! :)

~Brandy V.

Julie is my spiritual nurse! I trust her implicitly and without hesitation. Just one session with her can send ripples of positive change throughout your life! She is spiritually in tune with an abundance of healing energies that can help you find and live a purposeful life.

~Jeffrey B.

I've had the great fortune of meeting Julie, have been finding great relief from my anxiety and depression through her treatments. I truly believe Julie is a gifted healer whose kindness and compassion has brought me positive changes in how I cope with stress.

I was so pleased with the calm and transcendent peace I felt after treatments that I am also taking my 13 year son who also suffers from anxiety for treatment. We are doing much better and highly recommend for anyone needing a spiritual lift from stress and worry😊

~Naomi M.

Julie is an amazing, kind-hearted soul who truly wants to help people and our world as a whole.

Her treatment was wonderful. When she wasn't touching me, it felt like electricity was coming out of her hands and onto my body. And it was a joy to spend time with someone who's connected with spirit and able to share enlightening information.

Thank you Julie for providing your uplifting energy healing services to the community!

~Justin F.

I have been going to Julie for treatments for about 5 months and she is wonderful. I carry a lot of stress with me, but being in Julie's presence and receiving her skilled care just washes away all the tension, to the point that I frequently will drift off into sleep for a bit during her treatments. That is a true sign of trust. The feeling of peace and well-being lasts for hours afterward, and my stress level stays lower for days. Well worth every penny.


This was my first time doing reiki and it was AMAZING!!! Julie is a gifted healer and I cannot believe how profound the healing was. I cannot wait to go back and see her again! She provides a very zen, chill and relaxing vibe that allowed me to feel safe so I could really relax and heal.  I highly recommend reiki and Julie at Reiki Says Relax!  Thank you for your love & light!  I will be back soon!

~ZZ W.

Julie is an amazing individual, she has a kind, caring, gracious spirit.  With her help I've been able to learn about my own energy, my spiritual guides, plus what renews my energy as well as what takes it away.  I would recommend Julie to anyone looking to know more... She is a wealth of knowledge, and truly has a gift.

~Kevin M.

Julie was wonderful. I felt 100% different at the end of the treatment from when I walked in. Not only was my neck pain gone, but I was more relaxed than I had been in MONTHS. 24 hours later I still feel entirely different and no neck pain. Julie did a great job at making me feel welcome and comfortable and cared for - and it's clear she has a gift for healing.

~Rebecca S.

I went and had treatment with Julie and it was AMAZING! I could not believe the profound effect just one treatment had and I cannot wait to see her again! I highly recommend giving reiki a try. You will not be disappointed!

~Betsy P.

This was my first visit with Julie and it was EXACTLY what I needed and had been missing since I left Phoenix and my healer there. I go to Reiki to stay grounded, aware and connected to the Universe and my inner being. Julie is so kind, so gentle and so full of love and light. I will absolutely be going back again and again. I'm booking my second appointment right now as a matter of fact!

~Carrie B.

Today’s session seemed to have a warming effect on me... the feeling of mellowness and a completely loosened body came over me in the hours after the session. For the first time in a long time, nothing hurt. And I gathered energy as the day wore on. My chores were so easy. My horse came running to me from the middle of the pasture, and he never does that. He was really mellow during our ride, too. Completely with me. That’s a bit odd, too. So all in all, I'll be looking forward to our next session. Amazing outcomes. Thank you so very, very much.


As Julie worked her extraordinary Reiki magic, all kinds of built-up tension my body had carried for an eternity seemed to magically melt away. I felt SO much better. I came back for a follow-up treatment a couple of weeks later, and now I'm a dedicated customer!

I can't overstate how wonderful Julie is! As Rebecca S. said in a previous review, Julie truly has a gift for healing. You owe it to yourself to visit Reiki Says Relax and experience a wonderful, positive and healing Reiki treatment.

~David M.

I've enjoyed Reiki for years, and finally found someone in Portland that is great!  Julie is wonderful. I kept being amazed that the area she worked on continued to feel changed after she had moved on to another spot.

You don't have to know how it works, just that you will feel better and let yourself experience one of the lesser known healing arts. You deserve to check this out.

~Christopher D.

I've known a lot of people who claim to be healers, but Julie is the real deal!  As soon as she touched my knee, I could feel a warm buzzing like the area was being energized. When we finished, I was amazed I could put weight on my knee without pain, and by how much flexibility I had. I just wanted to start running & I don't normally run!  Julie is a gifted healer. I highly recommend her to anyone in pain, you will not be disappointed.

~Katie V.