Julie was wonderful. I felt 100% different at the end of the treatment from when I walked in. Not only was my neck pain gone, but I was more relaxed than I had been in MONTHS. 24 hours later I still feel entirely different and no neck pain. Julie did a great job at making me feel welcome and comfortable and cared for - and it's clear she has a gift for healing.

~Rebecca S.

This was my first visit with Julie and it was EXACTLY what I needed and had been missing since I left Phoenix and my healer there. I go to Reiki to stay grounded, aware and connected to the Universe and my inner being. Julie is so kind, so gentle and so full of love and light. I will absolutely be going back again and again. I'm booking my second appointment right now as a matter of fact!

~Carrie B.

Today’s session seemed to have a warming effect on me... the feeling of mellowness and a completely loosened body came over me in the hours after the session. For the first time in a long time, nothing hurt. And I gathered energy as the day wore on. My chores were so easy. My horse came running to me from the middle of the pasture, and he never does that. He was really mellow during our ride, too. Completely with me. That’s a bit odd, too. So all in all, I'll be looking forward to our next session. Amazing outcomes. Thank you so very, very much.


As Julie worked her extraordinary Reiki magic, all kinds of built-up tension my body had carried for an eternity seemed to magically melt away. I felt SO much better. I came back for a follow-up treatment a couple of weeks later, and now I'm a dedicated customer!

I can't overstate how wonderful Julie is! As Rebecca S. said in a previous review, Julie truly has a gift for healing. You owe it to yourself to visit Reiki Says Relax and experience a wonderful, positive and healing Reiki treatment.

~David M.

I've enjoyed Reiki for years, and finally found someone in Portland that is great!  Julie is wonderful. I kept being amazed that the area she worked on continued to feel changed after she had moved on to another spot.

You don't have to know how it works, just that you will feel better and let yourself experience one of the lesser known healing arts. You deserve to check this out.

~Christopher D.

I've known a lot of people who claim to be healers, but Julie is the real deal!  As soon as she touched my knee, I could feel a warm buzzing like the area was being energized. When we finished, I was amazed I could put weight on my knee without pain, and by how much flexibility I had. I just wanted to start running & I don't normally run!  Julie is a gifted healer. I highly recommend her to anyone in pain, you will not be disappointed.

~Katie V.