Jul. 11, 2019

Patience... (It's all working out!)

You know what?  It's all working out.  Everything is working out to your highest good, always.  Every day in every way.  I know it doesn't always feel like that.  Especially when all the tangibles point to the contrary.  Even then, it's still really good.  

When things do go sideways, it's just life giving you an opportunity to test your skills on how well you can right your ship, and you always can, otherwise you wouldn't experience turbulent waters in the first place.

Life is a series of lessons, and sometimes we don't understand what we're being taught... sometimes patience is needed to see the bigger picture...

Sometimes the things worth waiting for take longer to cultivate.

Once seeds are planted, you don't immediately dig them up and yell "Are you growing yet?" at the dirt, because that's silly, and obviously not how life works.  The saplings will sprout organically, in due time... let nature take its course, everything will work out.  Trust in the process, in the natural order of life, have faith in those seeds, and know you don't have to worry.  Do your good work, always come from the heart in all your actions, and just relax.

We drive ourselves crazy trying to manifest things and control outcomes.  That's not natural.  Life is supposed to be easy, fun, and feel good.  It only gets hard when we make it hard.  We are limited only by our thoughts, and we tend to be our own biggest obstacle.

Attaining a peaceful state and trusting things are unfolding as they should, even when life gives you every reason to doubt that, takes mastery.  Finding ways to relax your mind and body, like through a reiki session, will be a necessary first step to calm yourself and invite in patience.  

When we open ourselves to enjoy every nugget along the way, instead of waiting for that prize down the road to make us happy, we will be giving ourselves a much needed break.  Know your dreams are being realized, and you can just relax.  Take it easy, stop to smell the roses, breathe deep, do good work from the heart, and know you don't have to go anywhere... because you're already there! 🙂

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