Feb. 27, 2021

Know Oneness by the Awareness of Opposites

"Make every effort to stay in a state of Oneness in your mind.  For example, if you're tired, remind yourself that you know what being rested is like. 

Recognize the opposing feeling so that you can know both of them simultaneously.  Do this with any sensation:  If you're depressed, weak, jealous, unloved -- anything -- the antithesis of what you're going through is within your experiential framework. 

Seek the opposite feeling right in the moment and be at one with it in your mind, for this will provide you with a balanced sense of being at peace within yourself.

This is Oneness, wherein you entertain extremes and use your mind to be like the Tao, which never divides anything.  How can Oneness be broken apart?  It would no longer exist if you could split it up."

~Dr. Wayne Dyer

(excerpt from "Change Your Thoughts -- Change Your Life")

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