Mar. 9, 2022

How to De-Stress

Are you feeling ungrounded, disconnected, and unable to feel calm in your body?  You're not alone!  The energy in the world today is causing us all to feel unable to rest.  But good news!  I have some tips to share.... 

1). Nature Walk - Get out of the city!  Nature is calling.  When we leave the hustle and bustle of everyday noise and bathe in the nurturing, healing energy of nature, we are healing ourselves in real-time.  They say nature is the Great Healer for a reason!

2). Calming Teas - Cherished for its healing qualities, tea has been imbibed for centuries.  With a plethora of flavors and herbal blends, they do wonders at calming your nervous system.  Try some today!  Such as Chamomile, Kava, Valerian Root, and Peppermint.

3). Meditate - "I know I should!", I hear so often.  But fear not - if you struggle with this practice, here's some tips:

  • Focus on your breath.  Notice the feelings in your lungs as they expand.  Notice the energy as you exhale.  When a thought arises, imagine it is a cloud in the sky, let it pass, return to your breath.  When another thought arises, let the cloud pass, return to your breath.  Eventually, you'll be left with only blue skies. :)
  • Guided meditations are fantastic ways to reach a deep state of relaxation by not even trying!  Just listen and be swept away...

4). Soothing Music - It is a great idea to always have some soothing background music.  There are innumerable soothing tracks online.  Check out Nature Healing Society or YellowBrickCinema on YouTube.  

5). Aromatherapy - Essential oils are sought after for their healing properties.  Inducing a sense of calm and relaxation is one great benefit.  Some great scents for tranquility are Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Clary Sage.

6). Have a Reiki Session! - I saved the best for last. 👍 If the above doesn't cut it, and your stress/worry is keeping you up at night, causing panic, feeling out-of-body, disconnected from your center, not yourself, etc.... then it is time for the big guns:  Come on down to Reiki Says Relax & treat yourself to feeling like yourself again! ❤️

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