My Mission

To facilitate your journey of Healing and Awakening. 

It is my desire to work with souls who:

  • Are ready to embark on the path of self-healing
  • Are eager to step into their power to create the world they want
  • Want to free themselves from past traumas and painful patterns of limiting beliefs
  • Are ready to live without physical pain or anxiety
  • Have decided they deserve to feel better! 


My Vision

We are all One, and possess the power to create worlds flowing through us at this very moment.  My intention is to awaken people to their inherent power and grace, helping them to realize life is happening for them, and that we have the ability to alter our external world simply by changing thoughts and perspective.

My Philosophy

I believe that:
  • We are all divine extensions of Source energy here on Earth to learn, to heal, and to love.
  • Separation is a myth and the basis of all life's suffering. 
    • Separation = the belief that others are different/less than you, justifying your harmful action toward them
  • At this very moment, we possess within ourselves ALL the answers to the questions we seek.... we simply forgot how to access them! :)
  • We are responsible for everything in our experience, and with the Law of Attraction, we have the ability to create the reality we desire.
  • Life isn't meant to be hard; feeling good is our birthright!

My Projects

I'm involved with the Metaphysical Empowerment Fair and the Portland Intuitive Fair, Women's Care Day at Sisters of the Road cafe, Right2Survive, and Emerson House, dementia care retirement home.